This site briefly outlines measures you can take to avert online consumer fraud when ordering resveratrol dietary supplements.

  1. Only buy from online sites that list a geographical address, not a post office box. Call them and make sure their telephone works and they handle product returns or billing problems in a convenient manner.

  2. Watch for hidden tricks, like "terms of sale" at the bottom of the home page which explains that your credit card will be billed $87 a month if you don't call within two weeks of receiving a free sample.

  3. Look for resveratrol products that are real, not fabricated. Many resveratrol pills sites simply show cartoon-like representations of bottles, not photos of the real packaging.

  4. Don't buy from websites which don't display a SUPPLEMENT FACTS box, so you can fully examine the contents and excipients in the product.

  5. Be wary of purchasing from companies that make forbidden claims, such as their product eradicates wrinkles, promotes weight loss, cures cancer, Alzheimer's or any other disease. Unless published scientific evidence is provided, don't believe it. Manufacturers cannot make their unsubstantiated claims and then disclaim them by posting the FDA disclaimer: "Not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease." Some websites don't even post the FDA disclaimer.

  6. Be wary of doing business with sites that are outside the USA, beyond the reach of States' Attorney's general, the Federal Trade Commission or the Food & Drug Administration. Once your money leaves the country it is difficult to obtain a refund or reversal of your credit card billing.

  7. Watch labels carefully and calculate how much resveratrol you are really getting per pill. Some product labels say 500 mg on the front, but on the back it is an 8% extract, or 8 mg per 100 mg.... just 45 mg in 500 mg of powder. Some product labels will say "per 2 capsules" so you have to divide the dosage by two to obtain the per pill dosage.

  8. Be wary of the "as seen on TV" sales pitch. No particular brand of resveratrol was shown or endorsed on CBS' 60 Minutes, or by Dr. Oz on the Oprah show. Don't fall for this falsehood.

  9. If you do get scammed, report to your credit card company fraud department. This is your best recourse since many companies have set up shop beyond the reach of the authorities in the U.S.A.

  10. Be wary of product superiority claims, such as "pure resveratrol," "organic resveratrol," or sublingual resveratrol.

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